Blueberries for Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Published in the October issue of The Journal of Nutrition, daily consumption of blueberries helped people with a high risk for Type 2 diabetes reduce that risk.   After drinking two blueberry smoothies a day for six weeks, participants’  insulin sensitivity increased –  a key factor in preventing Type 2 diabetes.  The reduced risk for diabetes was observed in both men and women.

In another study, one group of patients drank a beverage made from two cups of blended frozen blueberries once a day — and continued to eat a normal diet. Another group of patients drank an equivalent amount of fluids and ate their standard diet.

After eight weeks, researchers saw a seven- to eight-point drop in the systolic blood pressure of patients who had been drinking the blueberry beverage.

The beneficial effects of blueberries go beyond improving just blood sugar and pressure, the dark colors are full of powerful antioxidants that have postive effects on virtually every body system.

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