"Chickweed"Stellaria media

Chickweed (Other common names include Little Star Lady and Starweed)

Caryophyllaceae family

This nutritive plant has a cooling action that is beneficial in many medical conditions. The herba or aerial parts of the plant contain the active medicinal properties.  This herb has cooling and drying tendencies lending it especially helpful in treating skin conditions. Topically, this plant can relieve itching or discomfort of eczema, psoriasis, cuts, burns, and poison oak exposure.  It may also be of benefit in relieving the pain of sun overexposure. 

 Some of the active constituents of this plant include Vitamin C and flavonoids, which are highly nutritive. Taken internally chickweed enhances nourishment and is beneficial in the recovery phase of illness, and can benefit individuals in a weakened state.

Always seek professional medical advice in diagnosing any skin condition, and use of any medicinal plants in treatment.

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