Arnica 3Arnica  Arnica montana

Asteraceae family

Arnica is an excellent herb to remember during the summer months.  Outdoor sports and activities are common this time of year, sometimes resulting in the occasional bruising or sprain.  Arnica is an important 1st aid remedy and can offer much relief.

This plant is generally taken internally as a homeopathic remedy, as it is toxic as a tincture or full strength preparation.  Externally, arnica can be used as a poultice, oil, lotion, or ointment. This is safe for people of all ages including children. Every family could benefit from having this in their home 1st aid kits. 

The main uses are externally for bruises, trauma, swelling, muscle and joint pains. Arnica has anti-inflammatory activity and stimulates the peripheral blood supply.  Apply the plant topically at the 1st sign of bruising or trauma. Avoid use over open wounds or near the eyes or mouth.  It is important that you seek medical care if your injury is more than a simple bruise.

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