HIVAMAT Deep Oscillation Therapy

Decrease Your Recovery Time
Relax Muscles
Relieves Pain
Improves Mobility

This advanced therapy utilizes an intermittent electrostatic field via a Hivamat machine to create what is known as Deep Oscillation. It penetrates deeply into the body tissue with minimal pressure allowing previously “untreatable” injuries to be manipulated as in the case of acute trauma, pain, or in the vicinity of open wounds. Electrostatic waves create a kneading effect deep within the damaged tissues, rapidly relaxing muscles, alleviating pain, and reducing swelling while restoring flexibility and blood supply to the affected area.

HIVAMAT Deep Oscillation Therapy 3

Advantages of Deep Oscillation therapy include:

  • non-invasive
  • rapid muscle relaxation and pain relief
  • supplements and intensifies conventional modes of treatment
  • only a minimum of treatment pressure is required enabling treatment of acute, painful injuries
  • can be applied at a very early stage to accelerate tissue regeneration
  • stimulates stagnated chronic healing processes

Benefits of HIVAMAT for Sports

  • Accelerated regeneration in case of trauma, especially of contusions, edema and hematomas
  • Optimized muscular relaxation and decongestion of metabolic waste products


Benefits of HIVAMAT for Respiratory Diseases

  • bronchial pneumonia, COPD
  • quick and lasting relaxation of respiratory musculature
  • mucolytic decongestion
  • immediate feeling of well being

Benefits of Deep Oscillation for Surgery Aftercare and Open Wounds 

  • breast cancer, joint replacement, ligament repair, ulcers, amputations, burns
  • extends benefit of prolotherapy
  • immediately applicable at first postoperative day
  • prophylaxis of local edemas
  • pain relief
  • enhanced wound healing

Blue Star Clinic First in Central Oregon to Offer HIVAMAT® Therapy

HIVAMAT® 200 offers athletes treatment for pain due to sports trauma Blue Star Naturopathic Clinic is pleased to announce the addition of HIVAMAT® Deep Oscillation Therapy to their clinic to enhance patient outcomes and quality of care. With only three other systems inOregon, Blue Star Naturopathic Clinic is the first to offer this technology for pain and swelling toCentral Oregon patients.

“With all of the athletically inclined people in Central Oregon, there are bound to be injuries,” says Dr. Robert Skarperud, N.D., M.S., of Blue Star Naturopathic Clinic inBendand Prineville. “With the HIVAMAT® technology literally at our hands, we can offer patients accelerated regeneration after trauma, getting them back to their sport in less time.”

HIVAMAT® 200 is a unique product offered by PHYSIOMED® for immediate treatment for acute trauma, after surgery, chronic conditions and sports injuries. HIVAMAT® utilizes a low energy electrostatic field which creates a deeply penetrating and lasting resonant vibration of the treated tissue area. Minimal external pressure – applied by a technician’s hands – enables the application in acute and sub-acute trauma, chronic pain or in the vicinity of open wounds.

HIVAMAT® Therapy is used in place of ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation for all kinds of sports injuries. “Since treatment is delivered through my hands,” says Dr. Skarperud, “I can better target areas of pain.

” HIVAMAT® Therapy is used by over 60 professional sports teams, over 100 university athletic department and thousands of hospitals, physicians, and physical therapy clinics world wide. By incorporating this therapy into their treatments, patients experience improved results for a number of conditions such as: tendinitis, lymphedema, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, muscle spasms, acute and chronic pain, post operative incisions, non-healing wounds and other types of conditions. It can also be used to clear sinus pressure and respiratory congestion.

“Although HIVAMAT® Therapy is mostly known for its use in high profile athletes, it can be an effective treatment for athletes at all levels of competition or recreation,” says Dr. Skarperud. “Within days of treatment, patients have benefited from increased mobility and relaxed muscles, allowing them to return to their activity sooner than without treatment.”